Next Sale – Next Clearance SALE Online

Take advantage of the Next SALE online 24 hours before the in-store sale begins. Up to 50% OFF Next Clothes or more at the Next SALE online starting today.

If you’re wondering when does the Next sale start then you’ll be pleased to know that it’s on again – the Next Sale. If you shop at Next then you’re probably partial to the odd Next bargain or two and what better time to shop there than now. In fact, this is one of the few times that you should shop at Next, when there is a Next clearance sale. Why shop throughout the year paying full price when you can shop twice a year and save 50% or more. And trust me, the online shopping experience is much better than visiting a store during one of these popular sales.

Whether you’re looking for Next suits for men, Next tops or any Next clothing then you’re going to love the Next sale. Next offers some amazing bargains during the Next clothing sale. there is no need to look for a Next outlet online and you can stop searching for a Next discount code because you won’t need it during the sale season.

I recently opened an account with them, and I have never looked back. I was never too keen on their stores. I found that nothing was ever in stock in my size (6 – 8 at Next), so I decided to request a directory so that I could order stuff. I didn’t like the layout of their stores either, and I found everything really hard to find, so I stopped going in there. The great thing about Next is that their delivery is super fast and guaranteed, which is great if you are in a rush for something. I once ordered a pile of clothes on Sunday afternoon and they were here first thing Monday morning at 8.30am – there’s nowhere else that you could get service like that from.

The Next website is easy to use. The new sale style searching is much improved, and they have a wider range of sizes than they have in the stores, but if you buy online, you have to have the Directory, which of course you have to pay for. It is just as easy to go into your local Next store and order from their catalogue. You have to pay up front, but it saves carriage and £3.85 (up to) 4 times a year. They recently started charging for their Summer additional catalogue also.

The only thing I dislike about ordering from the catalogue is that delivery is still £3.75, regardless of how much stuff you buy. I have often bought stuff over £100, and I still have to pay for delivery, regardless of what it is I order and the amount. However, I often get letters from them with offers for free delivery so it’s not too bad. You can also have orders delivered to a store instead of your home address, which saves the £3.75! The range in the catalogue I personally think is much better than the stuff they have in store, as they don’t necessarily have stuff that’s in the catalogue in store. I have bought quite a few things from the catalogue that never made it in-store. Most stuff in the catalogue starts from size 6 too, which they don’t have in-store.

It’s not just clothes, there is also the Next furniture clearance and Next shoes sale. But the most important thing is that the Next online sale begins before the in-store sale, so if you’re a Next junkie, it’s time to start shopping…